John Hammersley Just so Happens to be a Huge Cricket Fan

John Hammersley, the founder of Overleaf, might be a massive computer geek that loves scratchcards, but he, believe it or not, is also a massive cricket fan. In fact, it is the only sport that he follows.


It All Started When He Was a Young Boy

Hammersley’s dad, Peter, was born and raised in Yorkshire, a county in England that is known for its cricketing talent. In fact, some of England’s best cricket players have hailed from Yorkshire. He was a huge Yorkshire cricket team fan and used to go and watch all of their matches.

However, he then moved to London for work, which is where he met John’s mum, Sally. Obviously, he couldn’t go and watch all of their games when he was living in London. However, he still tried to go up to watch a match once every two months or so.

When John was eight, Peter started to take him with him as a means to get him out of the house for a day. He was a bit of a recluse as a child. The very first time, John didn’t want to go as he thought that cricket would be boring to watch, but he was happily mistaken. He really enjoyed the match (which saw Yorkshire beat Kent) and made his dad promise that he would take him with him the next time he goes to watch a match. His dad, of course, was only too happy to agree.

They Were Lucky Enough to See England Lift the 2019 Cricket World Cup

The 2019 Cricket World Cup was held in England and John managed to get tickets to the final to watch England take on New Zealand. Neither team had won the World Cup before, so it was guaranteed that there was going to be a new name on the trophy.

What went down at Lord’s that day is something that will not be forgotten by anyone who was there to witness it. New Zealand batted first and scored 241 runs from their 50 overs. In reply, England needed 9 runs from the final 3 balls of their innings. Ben Stokes smacked the ball into the covers and as he was running back for the second, the ball, thrown in by Martin Guptil, struck his bat and ricocheted for 4 additional runs. They then scored two off the final two balls to tie the match.


This meant that a Super Over would be needed to determine who would lift the trophy. England batted first and scored 15 runs from their 6 balls. Unbelievably, New Zealand also scored 15 runs from their 6 balls. In the end, England were declared the champions as they had hit more boundaries in the match.

His Company Now Sponsor a Cricket Team

In his spare time, he also enjoys playing a bit of cricket with his local team. As it turns out, he is actually quite a talented spin bowler. The team that he plays for competes in an amateur league that plays matches every weekend in front of some reasonably sized crowds.

All of the teams that compete in the league have sponsors, so he decided that it could be worthwhile for Overleaf to sponsor the team. The money that Overleaf would give them to sponsor them would help keep the club afloat (they were having some financial difficulties), while Overleaf might get some new customers out of it. Even if nobody new signs up to Overleaf, John doesn’t care because he is just happy to be able to help his local club out.