Overleaf Designing Software RNG Algorithm for Online Casino Games

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Overleaf was recently tasked with the job of designing the software Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm for the games of an online casino. This task is not easy as it requires the input of different specialists. However, it does not pose much of a problem as Overleaf will be using its own program to manage the team apart from a costly recruitment drive.

This was the same collaborative method it used in developing scratch cards. The simultaneous efforts of the various professionals will see the completion of the job within two months.

In most organizations, the ability to work in teams is an important criterion for employment. There is a need for collaboration across the members as many departments are interdependent on each other. It is only through collaboration that the team can achieve the goals of the organization. There are certain applications or programs that support collaboration or teamwork. Of all of them, Overleaf remains one of the best. We will talk about them and how they are going to design software RNG algorithm for online casino games. When the alogrithm comes out of its beta stage, it will be sent over to iTech labs for certification.

The Overleaf Program


The Overleaf program is a program that allows different people to work on the same document at the same time. The idea was inspired from Google Docs and GitHub. Unlike those apps, this program does not need an installation. It has different varieties and the features you get depend on your subscription.

The “staff” option is best for individuals working alone. It may not have so many sophisticated features but it still provides you with the basic assistance you need to get the job done. Apart from the staff option, the “collaborator” option is also a good one for a small organization. This package is suitable for offices with 1–10 employees. It allows ten people work on the same document at the same time. It also provides you with features such as tracking changes and synchronizing with GitHub and Dropbox.

For larger firms that require the input of more than ten people on a document, the “professional” option will suit you best. This package allows more than ten people to simultaneously work on the same project. It also offers many additional features.

Benefits of Using Overleaf


The Overleaf program is one that every organization should have, especially if it depends on teamwork to achieve its organizational goals like it’s the case with online casinos. Besides the features stated so far, Overleaf has loads of reasons why you should choose them.

Overleaf is a very “easy to use” program. Unlike most other collaboration program, it does not require you to be some computer wizard. It also provides you with a document history so that you can undo and redo certain changes. The program does not require an installation. You just need to log in and access it. If you are admin, you can easily remove and add users to your network.

The amazing thing is that your employees or team members can work on the project without interfering with the work of others. The program notifies you of the actions of the other people working on the same document as you. The system also ensures all changes are saved, so you do not have to worry about mix ups.

Overleaf is Being Reviewed

5 stars

Our Overleaf program is currently being tested and reviewed by a team from timeofgambling.com. They are doing so to compare our program against our main competitors in order to provide the world with a true picture of Overleaf’s many capabilities. Their website is found here.